Supra Z - AQ Zeolite Supplement

Supra Z - AQ Zeolite Supplement


Packaging Type Bag
Packaging size 1 Kg
Brand Vteogen
Usage/Application Aqua feed supplement
Best For Aqua Culture
Type of Supplement Aqua Feed Supplement
Grade Standard Feed Grade
Shelf Life Best Before 12 Months

Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity 10 Pack(s)

Supra Z - AQ is refined micro-crystalline, tetrahedral structural form of zeolite that are naturally occurring with highly porous structure whcih allows most optimum ion exchange capabilities.

Composition : Fe2O3: 3.40%, CaO: 5.50%, Al2O3: 19.50%, SiO2: 64.20%, Na2O: 4.00%, Mn: 0.03%, MgO: 2.50%, P: 0.015%, K2 O: 0.50%


  • Increases the amount of dissolved oxygen in the pond bottom with special active element SiO2 and Al2O3.
  • Performs efficient ion exchange, filtering and odour removal from pond.
  • Helps in optimum growth of planktons
  • Absorbs toxic gases like ammonia and hydragen sulphide from pond.


  • For pond preparation: 100 kgs per hectare
  • Routine use: 25 Kg per hectare once in 2 to 3 weeks
  • High pollution or stress conditions: 50 Kg per hectare

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