MinoGen - AQ Mineral Supplement

MinoGen - AQ Mineral Supplement


Brand Vetogen
Usage/Application Aqua feed supplement
Packaging size 25 Kg
Best For Aqua Culture
Packaging Type Bag
Type Of Supplement Aqua feed supplement
Grade Standard Feed Grade
Shelf Life Best before 12 months

Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity 10 Pack(s)

General function of minerals includes constituents of the exoskeleton, balance of osmotic pressure, structural constituents of tissues and transmission of nerve impulse and muscle contractions. Minerals serve as essential components for enzymes, vitamins, hormones, pigments, and co-factor in metabolism, catalysts, and enzyme activators.

Shrimp can absorbs or excrete minerals directly from the aquatic environment via gill and body surfaces. So, the dietary requirement of minerals is largely dependent on the minerals concentration of the aquatic environment in which the shrimp is being cultured.

The bioavailability of minerals to the shrimp depends on various factors among which the source of minerals is of great significance. The bioavailability and tissue storage of trace minerals are of primary importance in their nutritional performance.

MinoGen has minerals chelated to organic molecules and have higher bioavailability than their corresponding inorganic forms and interacts less with each other in the digestive tract. The increased bioavailability and effectiveness of MinoGen can dramatically reduce the required inputs and decrease waste discharges to the environment.

Composition : Combination of essential micro minerals with calcium, phosphorus and magnesium in a definite prportion, Manganese, Copper, Iron, Zinc, lodine, Cobalt, Selenium, MOlybdenum, Boron, Aluminum, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium.

Benefits :

  • Enhance growth and immunity
  • Enriches pond and promotes plankton growth
  • Regulates pH pond
  • Healthy development of endo exoskeleton system


  • Routine use: 5 Kg per acre
  • Risk Conditions: 10 Kg per acre
  • For Pond Preparation: 15 Kg acre one day before stocking or as advised by Aquaculture consultant

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